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Commercial Restroom Trailer: Bathroom Trailer Rental

Commercial Restroom Trailer: Bathroom Trailer Rental
The Commercial Restroom Trailer by Callahead is the Bathroom Trailer Rental of choice for the top construction sites, government projects, and contracting job sites in New York. Whether you have short or long-term job-site rental needs, the Commercial Restroom Trailer is available for delivery in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties all the way to Mountauk Point.

Non-Skid Steel Steps

The Commercial Restroom Trailer was designed with safety, durability, and utility in mind. Heavy duty wide steps with aluminum and steel hand rails lead the way to the conveniently marked separate men's and women's restroom facilities. Your crew (or clients) can rely on the trailer's exterior lighting system for safe, well-lit nighttime use. The interior is equipped with interior slip resistant, durable rubber coin flooring and waterproof fluorescent 4' light fixtures throughout.

Large, Spacious Interior
The spacious interior provides a number of private bathroom stalls with floor to ceiling lockable wood doors with brushed nickel door handles. The Commercial Restroom Trailer's ergonomic design allows you to section the trailer off to meet job site and location requirements, allowing you to determine whether the women's restroom has three or five bathroom stalls. Simple close one of two interior doors to do so. The men's restroom can have either two or four private bathroom stalls.

Full Size Porcelain Toilets With Front Pedal Flush
Each stall is deep and spacious, and is equipped with a porcelain flushing toilet outfitted with a pedal flush for hands-free operation. Each stall has dual stainless steel toilet paper dispensers that are pre-filled, and the men's restroom is equipped with two flushing urinals with privacy dividers. Much like a permanent restroom structure, the amenities provided in the Commercial Restroom Trailer provide the same comforts of home.

Double Sink With Vanity And Large Mirror
The vanity area is equipped with laminate countertops, two porcelain sink basins, as well as Chicago chrome automatic faucets that have hot and cold water options. Callahead provides a filled antibacterial soap dispenser and two stainless steel paper towel dispensers for convenience.                                                                                                                                               
If you're in need of a Bathroom Trailer Rental for commercial use or even sporting events, parks & community events, and concerts, the Commercial Restroom Trailer by Callahead provides a professional, sanitary, comfortable restroom for your crew or event-goers' needs. Visit to find out more, or call 1-800-634-2085 to speak to a sales representative right now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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