Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Econo Porcelain System for Office Trailers!

Shown above is CALLAHEAD's 'ECONO Porcelain Toilet System'
Many New York construction sites and job sites require office trailers, and most do not include a bathroom, since there may not be running water or sewer lines at the site yet, etc.  So you usually have to have a portable toilet set up somewhere nearby and leave your trailer every time you need to use the bathroom...

But what if you could have a system set up INSIDE the trailer that looked and operated exactly like a home toilet system, complete with a porcelain toilet?  Well, that's exactly what CALLAHEAD Corp. has done -- perfected the porcelain toilet system, while offering different levels of service and comfort!

No more having to put your winter jacket back on and go out to a cold porta potty outside!  This system works flawlessly rain or shine, summer or winter, without freeze ups.  Your bathroom will look and operate like it was part of the original design of your office trailer, with the comfort and convenience that you deserve!

So do yourself a favor and give CALLAHEAD a call about their Office Trailer Porcelain Systems.  Another innovative portable toilet system that is backed by CALLAHEAD's decades of experience on Long Island, as well as New York City and Westchester county, NY.