Saturday, August 15, 2020

Labor Day Restroom Trailer Rentals


Labor Day Restroom Trailer Rentals

This Labor Day, why not have a family and friends outdoor get-together, so that you can celebrate the last official summer weekend of the year?  If so, plan ahead.  Your gathering will be fantastic, especially if you rent a restroom trailer for you guests so that they don’t have to go inside your home. This will help your entire group and yourself stay safe.


Atlantic Bathroom Trailer NYC

The Callahead Corporation in New York has plenty of restroom trailers available to suit your needs, such as The Atlantic, with its Beau Art design, and a total of five bathroom stations. The Atlantic restroom trailer is fully air-conditioned for warmer weather, but also has forced air fan heaters in case the night gets a little cool. Additionally, The Atlantic restroom trailer also includes framed custom artwork throughout, and faux marble tile floors, which will surely impress your guests!


Atlantic Restroom Trailer Inside

A stereo system with AM/FM radio and CD player is also included, with ceiling mounted speakers throughout.  This bathroom trailer is great for this Labor Day weekend, especially if you have children playing outdoors.  You don’t want everybody going in and trampling through the house just to use the bathroom. And in these virus-aware days, The Atlantic bathroom trailer also arrives fully sanitized for everyone’s safety.


World Class Amenities

And setup?  Easy! This restroom trailer takes only 30 minutes to set up when it arrives at your location.  So check out The Atlantic restroom trailer rental for your Labor Day weekend.  Start your rental now by giving Callahead a call at 1-800-634-2085, or check out their website at

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Outdoor Dining in New York and Portable Restrooms


Now that many businesses have outdoor dining in New York City, restaurant owners realize that in order to keep the customers happy, it’s wise that they provide portable restrooms nearby for their patrons to use. The Callahead Corporation in New York has the answer, especially since they have been the largest portable toilet supplier in New York for over four decades.


You can visit Callahead‘s website at , where you will find many portable toilets available with different designs, as well as different options, such as: sinks with running water inside the toilet, separate urinals,  as well as hand sanitizer dispensers for your customers to use.

Callahead even has portable restrooms specifically made for women, as well as portable restrooms that are ADA compliant, so that elderly persons or people in wheelchairs can also have access to a portable restroom.

To rent a portable restroom simply go to the Callahead website and enter your rental details and contact information, and soon you’ll have delivered a clean, like-new portable restroom for your patrons.  So enjoy the rest of the summer, and wishing you much success with your business!