Monday, July 29, 2019

Wantagh Restroom Trailer

Wantagh restroom trailer for Construction

Construction projects are in full swing this summer, with contractors taking advantage of the good weather to complete their job sites. When you need more than just one or two porta pottys for your crew, consider renting a restroom trailer; and for constructions sites, the Wantagh job site construction trailer will be perfect.

Inside Wantagh Restroom Trailer

The Wantagh bathroom trailer has a total of nine stations, with four private bathroom stalls on the women’s side. The men’s side has two private bathroom stalls, along with three odorless porcelain urinals.  When you add porcelain sinks, automatic shutoff hot and cold water faucets, full-size porcelain toilets, sturdy steel stair cases with aluminum handrails, as well as fully integrated stereo system, you have a bathroom trailer that will handle heavy jobsite usage.

Three urinals inside the Wantagh Trailer
Three urinals inside the Wantagh Trailer

The restroom trailer is fully air conditioned, with a thermostat control, providing relief from the New York summer heat.  For winter use, there are fan forced heaters that provide ample warmth even on the coldest of days.   

Wantagh Restroom Trailer Private Toilet Stalls

There is ample room inside this restroom trailer for your crew to move around efficiently, thus providing them with comfort. This enables them to be more productive on your job site.  Furthermore, the bathroom trailer can be moved easily on your jobsite, because it is mobile.

Wantagh Restroom Trailer Floor Plan

With that in mind, The Wantagh construction restroom trailer is perfect for any construction site project that you may have, enabling you need to complete your job efficiently and safely.  Finally, the Wantagh bathroom trailer is easily set up at your construction site within 30 minutes by a trained Callahead specialist.  So give the restroom trailer experts a call at 1-800-634-2085 today!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Bedford Park VIP Luxury Trailer for Father's Day

Bedford Park VIP luxury Trailer for Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up and there will be many a celebration amongst families this year, here in New York. They’ll be outdoor festivities, barbecues and more. So if you’re having a large gathering, and you need to consider restroom facilities for your guests, look no further than the Bedford Park luxury restroom trailer by the Callahead Corporation in New York.

Large vanities that contain double porcelain sinks are on each side of the restroom trailer.

The Bedford Park is a beautiful VIP luxury restroom trailer, and has plenty of space to accommodate all of your guests: There are six private bathroom stalls on the women’s side, and there are two private bathroom stalls on the men’s side, with four porcelain urinals as well. Large vanities that contain double porcelain sinks are on each side of the restroom trailer, and are each outfitted with a large mirror above.

Four Sloan porcelain urinals on the Men's side
Four Sloan porcelain urinals on the Men's side
Your guests will be thrilled to know that there is central air conditioning throughout the Bedford Park restroom trailer, as well as optional amenities, such as filled candy dishes, and designer hand soap and paper towel dispensers.

To add to the luxurious feel of this bathroom trailer, there is framed artwork throughout, as well as wide-plank faux wood floors by Armstrong, Corian countertops, and designer wall sconce lighting.

Outdoor lighting and sturdy non-skid steps lead the way in and out of this VIP bathroom trailer with safety in mind during the night.

So treat your Dad to a great barbecue this Father’s Day weekend, and celebrate with friends and family; and instead of having everyone traipse through your home, you can simply rent the Bedford Park luxury restroom trailer, instead.

For more information you can review the Bedford Park video here or just check out the Callahead website and see the Bedford Park‘s webpage. You can always simply call Callahead‘s toll free number which is: 1-800-634-2085. Call today!