Saturday, December 5, 2020

Construction Site Portable Toilet Rentals


Long Term Porta Potty Rental

In New York City there are many construction sites in need of portable toilets for their workers. The one company that they always turn to is the CALLAHEAD Corporation based in Queens, New York.

Callahead has been serving the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Long Island and Westchester Counties for over 40 years with top-notch service. Take a look at their website at and you’ll see hundreds of different units available according to your needs. 

JobSite Portable Toilet Rental


For example, one construction site may not need to have a flushing toilet for the workers -- especially if it’s a short term job. But other contractors may decide to provide not only flushable portable toilets, but a portable toilet that has a sink inside, as well as antiseptic dispensers. Especially in these times with coronavirus concerns, many contractors choose to rent separate antiseptic dispensers for their workers besides renting portable toilets. Of course, these are also available from CALLAHEAD. Also, bear in mind that Callahead uses only hospital grade antiseptic cleaners at every service, to keep your equipment sanitized against viruses and bacteria.

Construction Site Portable Toilet Rentals


So let’s all work together in building up New York City again, and rent your portable toilet or portable bathroom trailer and accessories from the CALLAHEAD Corporation. Call 1-800-634-2085 to speak with one of their knowledgeable, friendly representatives today.

Rent an Antiseptic Dispenser Today


If you’re having a special event or convention, or even if you have a construction site, I’m sure that you’ve been in the market for a portable antiseptic dispenser for your guests and workers. With all of the extra precautions surrounding COVID-19 these days it is wise to consider renting a standalone antiseptic dispenser for any gatherings, construction sites, or even for commercial use.  

 Here in New York City, as well as Long Island and Westchester, the company that has come to the forefront in regards to portable antiseptic dispensers is the Callahead Corporation. Callahead has several portable antiseptic dispenser models to choose from depending upon your needs.


There is one that is called The Safety Stand, which includes two antiseptic gel dispensers with a weighted base to help prevent it from tipping over. This dispenser is made for heavy duty commercial use and is used by construction sites and businesses every day.  Additionally, it has a bright orange color to indicate safety, as well as to alert the user of its location.  Another model is the “Hand Stand”, which provides a single dispenser, mounted to a sturdy aluminum stand with a 9x12 inch sign above it.  This unit is perfect for building lobbies, car dealerships, etc.

To view Callahead’s selection of portable antiseptic dispensers, and have some peace of mind for your guests and employees, check out their selection at  It’s another way of staying safe!