Thursday, May 24, 2012

Need A Full Service Special Event Portable Toilet Rental That Is Elegant and Affordable?


CALLAHEAD Corporation has released a brand new special event outdoor portable toilet that has been in high demand from the moment it was introduced.  The CEREMONY TOILET is not only a stunning portable toilet that would add classic style to any event. It has every single amenity and accessory you would have in an upscale catering hall’s bathroom. The best part, it is completely affordable. 

The outside of the portable toilet is an elegant white color with the “CALLAHEAD New York” signage. The design and logo had me think, this is an expensive portable toilet with a high end name similar to “Louis Vuitton Paris.” You are instantly impressed.

The exterior of the CEREMONY TOILET portable toilet is only the beginning.  When you enter the portable restroom you are amazed of the pleasant fresh scent that is released from the automatic air freshener. Together with the sight of a beautiful floral arrangement, you immediately realize this is no ordinary portable toilet.

The CEREMONY TOILET not only looks and smells great, but has the feel of a bathroom at a classy restaurant.  The toilet bowl flushes by easily pushing the foot pump. The sink operates exactly the same way with plenty of room to wash from your hands to your elbows. So you basically never have to touch anything to operate the sink or the toilet bowl.  Fully stocked antibacterial soap dispenser and towel dispenser give you all the necessary amenities of a full bathroom.

CALLAHEAD installed many additional accessory items that are included with the cost of this one of a kind special event portable toilet.  In addition to their Headmist time released air freshener and floral arrangement, the CEREMONY TOILET has another perk. Installed above the toilet bowl are toilet seat covers which CALLAHEAD calls, Headliners.  Because the center flap of the toilet seat liner goes directly into the toilet bowl, when you flush, you won’t have to touch the toilet seat.  Headliner toilet seat covers are biodegradable too.

The CEREMONY TOILET’s spacious interior also has a large mirror and convenience shelves to place your belongings. The door locks from the inside. When locked, the exterior of the door will illuminate the occupancy sign for others waiting so you will have complete privacy.  This portable toilet is essentially an entire private bathroom for your party guests

 Upon completion of my full review of the operation and elegant style of the CEREMONY TOILET, I was expecting a hefty rental price. A price that I thought would make this a portable toilet rented only for weddings or other formal affairs. However, to my very pleasant surprise, I learned the CEREMONY TOILET is so affordably priced I would rent it for my next house party. 

 It is no wonder the CEREMONY TOILET has been in such high demand since CALLAHEAD released it to the public. The CEREMONY TOILET is rented throughout New York for short term rentals and special events. For more information on the CEREMONY TOILET and other unique portable toilets by CALLAHEAD visit