Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Custom Made Guard Sheds and Security Booths for the Important Tour of Duty!

Twenty Four (24) hour security at the construction site is imperative for the protection from theft of equipment as well as public safety.  

Due the significant role of security guards, shouldn’t they be secure so they may better protect your valuables?  CALLAHEAD has designed and custom built their very own Security Guard Sheds for long term rent for the safety and comfort of the security guards at the construction site. 

Guard Booth, Guard Shed

CALLAHEAD’s Guard Sheds are like no other in the portable sanitation industry.  Available in multiple sizes, these portable security guard booths not only look secure, they are the securest available anywhere in New York.   Constructed of durable fiberglass, they have stainless steel lockable doors that lock from the inside and outside.  The interior of CALLAHEAD Guard Sheds are spacious with plenty of room for a table and chair in even the smallest guard shed they rent.  Their larger size guard sheds allow for multiple security guards to fit comfortably when required.

For protection from extreme heat and cold weather, CALLAHEAD’s Guard Shed’s have electric heat and air conditioning systems too.  Windows with screens are built into these security booths for fresh air when desired.  The Guard Sheds are completely weather tight to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow.  They are the ideal guard booth rental for New York to provide protection all year round. The Interior has an electric light that is standard and also has built in skylights to provide plenty of natural light. The Guard Shed’s won’t absorb any odors either due to its custom installed ventilation system to release any odor causing issues quickly.  

Guard Booth interior with light and heat

Ask any security guard what guard shed they would prefer for their tour of duty. Guaranteed they will select CALLAHEAD Guard Shed’s over any other security booth available.  Since they are designed and created by CALLAHEAD, no one else has them.  Remember -- whenever you need to rent a Guard Shed, which one you would choose for yourself or a family member?  Renting CALLAHEAD’s Guard Shed you will be sure to have less sick days and turnover of your security guard staff.  This rental is sure to save you time and money over any other portable guard shed rental in New York. 

CALLAHEAD’s Guard Sheds are available for same day delivery.  They are the #1 Guard Shed rentals in Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York City’s Five Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, and all of Westchester County.   New York construction companies realize the importance of protecting our jobsites from theft, damage, and for the public’s safety.  Security Guard Booths by CALLAHEAD will deter theft, protect your employees, and secure your valuables so you don’t have to worry.  

For more information about CALLAHEAD’s Security Guard Sheds and other portable sanitation equipment, visit www.callahead.com or call 1-800-634-2085 for quality equipment and professional service.