Friday, November 13, 2015

Best Quality Portable Restroom Trailer, The Newport 1100, By CALLAHEAD

It's never easy trying to make a good impression on new friends, families and even guests. It takes a lot of careful planning and thought into it. Whenever you host a special event, one of the first things to think about is the bathroom situation. A portable restroom trailer can be very beneficial at times like these. One of the highest quality portable restroom trailers available today is the Newport 1100 by CALLAHEAD Corp. It is guaranteed to deliver a wonderful restroom experience. The Newport 1100 promises to make you feel comfortable and safe.
The Newport 1100
The Newport 1100 contains a large sink and a stainless steel cabinet. Unlike other trailers, this one has a flushing toilet. Fresh hot and cold water is provided. For hot, sunny weather, this trailer contains an air conditioner to cool you down. A heater is also installed for those cold and freezing days. The walls have a faux marble touch and the floor has a wood finish. This trailer has a built-in stereo system to accommodate your guests.
Trailer Interior
Hurry now and rent the Newport 1100. This portable restroom trailer has all the amenities you need and will definitely not disappoint. Call today at 1-800-634-2085 to speak to a sales specialist. For more details and pictures on the Newport 1100, visit the website at For years, CALLAHEAD has been providing top-notch customer service and excellent restroom trailers. Specialists will assist you in any way possible and will answer any questions or concerns. Discover the amazing things that CALLAHEAD has to offer today!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Mobile Restroom Trailers At It's Finest, CALLAHEAD Presents The Manhattan

All of New York City's top attractions can be found in Manhattan. It's the borough that everyone loves going to because of its beautiful views and what it has to offer. CALLAHEAD CORP has created many different mobile restroom trailers. They even named one of them The Manhattan. This mobile restroom trailer is perfect for events that draws a large crowd. Some of those events include graduation parties, birthday celebrations, and much more. This trailer makes you feel like you're in the heart of the city.

The Manhattan Luxury Restroom Trailer

The women's restroom has four spacious bathroom stalls meanwhile the men's restroom has two large bathroom stalls. The men's bathroom also has four odorless urinals. The Manhattan has a bright white exterior which will look great in any outdoor lighting. The trailer has a wide and nonslip staircase. The vanity area has large lighted mirrors and shelves. The floors is consisted of wide plank red oak wood. To provide entertainment to all guests a central music system is installed. A thermostat that controls heat and air conditioner is also equipped with a trailer. Stunning black and white artwork is displayed throughout the trailer. The trailers rich decor makes you feel like you're right in Manhattan.

Trailer Interior

Don't miss an opportunity to rent one of the best mobile restroom trailers on the market. The Manhattan is available for delivery throughout all New York City. This restroom trailer has all of the new and advanced equipment, making it one of the highest quality trailers in the business. Please speak to a sales specialist today 1-800-634-2085 if you are interested. Also visit the website if you wish to find more about this unbeatable trailer.