Monday, August 20, 2012

Portable Toilet with a blue, refreshing theme! "The Fountain Head"

Just one look at this porta potty, and you seem to feel refreshed!  Perfect for those hot summer days, this blue portable restroom has a water fountain on all four sides, thus its name: The Fountain Head.  You can see the entire page dedicated to it here: The Fountain Head Portable Toilet, by CALLAHEAD.

If I were a snob, the name would remind me of the Palace_of_Fontainebleau.   Since I'm not, I won't mention it -- Oops, I guess I already did. 

But really, this thing looks really elegant... who wouldn't want to have this art-inspired convenience at a gathering?  Just set it and forget it -- until you need to go, that is... and you'll feel like a millionaire every time you look at it (or use it)!

The best part?  You can't put a price tag on the convenience of offering your guests this kind of comfort in a portable toilet -- but the rental cost is very likely less than you think!

Who brings you this kind of innovation, and where can you find it? 

Well, the good folks at CALLAHEAD are the ones that come up with so many of these new designs and features.  And lucky you, they are located all over the Metro New York area.  That includes ALL of LONG ISLAND (Suffolk and Nassau counties), ALL of NEW YORK CITY (all five boroughs- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island,  and -- get this, even Westchester county is serviced by them!

So plan your parties, corporate gatherings, Bar-B-Q's, outdoor events, etc., and rent one of these  portable toilets -- you'll be happy that you did!