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Portable Toilet facilities are important, especially after a major disaster like Superstorm Sandy. 

When there is a major disaster, New Yorkers always come together and help one another. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy throughout New York City has proved to be no exception. Today, nearly a year later, the clean-up of what Sandy left behind is still quite evident.  During the days immediately after the hurricane, and the months of rebuilding after the fact, companies and individuals alike worked together to help.  A major necessity after a disaster, like Hurricane Sandy, is portable toilets and portable sinks. CALLAHEAD is the largest porta potty rental company in New York, who was there and still is today working to help in this rebuilding process.  Even though CALLAHEAD was severely affected by the storms destruction, both their business and many employees lost their homes, the CALLAHEAD’s team managed to stay dedicated to the day-to-day operations to assist their customers who needed them with their post-Sandy cleanup efforts.

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy

Areas Affected

Hurricane Sandy caused miles of destruction to the New York area. From flooded homes to the raging fires in Breezy Point, NY and the Rockaways that left thousands of residents homeless and business destroyed. The record breaking number of communities that were severely affected by Hurricane Sandy include: Long Beach, NY, Oceanside, NY, Rockaway Beach, NY, Island Park, NY, Breezy Point, NY, Staten Island, NY, Massapequa, NY, Fire Island, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Downtown, NYC, Belle Harbor, NY, Broad Channel, NY, Babylon, NY, and Howard Beach, NY. Within these neighborhoods, rebuilding efforts still exist.  CALLAHEAD provides clean porta potties that are required for the health and comfort of those who use them. 

Recovery Efforts

Immediately after a disaster, such as Superstorm Sandy, the recovery efforts last not days or months, but years. The immediate need begins with search and rescue efforts.  In these areas, lack of clean running water and electricity is a major problem.  CALLAHEAD New York portable toilets and portable sinks help those areas with lack of bathroom facilities and proper hand washing capabilities with their self-contained port a potties and portable handwashing sinks. 

The rescue, construction crews, volunteers, law enforcement, and displaced families did not have easy access to restroom facilities in New York Hurricane Sandy disaster areas. CALLAHEAD was onsite to assist New York with clean and sanitized disaster relief portable toilets and portable sink rentals for the safety of the individuals in these neighborhoods.  In emergency and disaster locations, clean portable toilets are a luxury only CALLAHEAD portable toilets can provide.  Because they clean their portable sanitation equipment with only hospital grade disinfectants, the sanitary protection for those who need them is evident. 

Long Term Recovery

The long-term recovery of Hurricane Sandy is ongoing today. CALLAHEAD continues to provide portable toilet rentals in New York for Hurricane Sandy repair and construction crews. People are still struggling to repair and rebuild their homes and businesses. During this progress, there is a need for porta potties all over New York on construction sites. Those who work on a construction site know how important it is to have clean bathroom facilities. CALLAHEAD believes sanitary portable toilets should not be a luxury but a necessity. Only CALLAHEAD offers dozens of New York portable toilet and restroom trailer options to accomplish any budget, need, or desire for their customers.

Available Options

CALLAHEAD prides itself in having the largest number of different portable restroom options--each of which fills a specific need or preference of its customers.  CALLAHEAD believes in putting the customer in control of their New York portable toilet rental. Some of the more popular portable toilet rentals during the Hurricane Sandy’s recovery that are recommended for any long-term construction site include:

Econo Head portable toilet
This is a standard portable toilet at an affordable price. Even on a budget, if you need a porta potty rental you deserve a clean and sanitized portable toilet.  This porta potty is prefect construction sites or any location in need of long term portable toilet rentals.

Construction Wash and Flush porta potty
This is a full service portable toilet rental that is ideal because it offers both portable restroom facilities with a fully stocked portable sink system in one simple structure.

A White Toilet portable toilet by CALLAHEAD CORP
This crisp white portable toilet that you can feel and see that it’s clean--making it great for porta potty rental for the discriminating user.
green head portable toilet
This porta potty rental looks great in residential locations.  A favorite New York portable toilet rental during Hurricane Sandy because of its garden themed design that blends in with any garden and landscape.   Not only does it provide clean portable restroom facilities, it looks great too. 
Construction Flush portable toilet
Construction Flush portable toilet by CALLAHEAD
This portable toilet rental was extremely popular during the Hurricane Sandy recovery.  It’s grey and white coloring looks great while offering users a closed cavity toilet bowl that flushes so you don’t see the waste.  A great porta potty for any long-term construction site for a more homelike toilet bowl feel. 
In addition to portable toilets, CALLAHEAD offers portable self-contained handwashing sinks or portable commercial sinks. These are very important, especially after a major disaster. It is no secret that frequent hand washing can prevent the spread of germs from person to person.  This is a serious issue when there is a major disaster. CALLAHEAD has the answer and the experience to provide the perfect portable sink for New York. Popular sinks include, THE WASH BASIN, THE WATER BASIN, THE WATERMASTER 200, and THE ROLLER SINK.  With over a dozen portable sink options to choose from, there is an ideal self-contained outdoor sink option to fulfill any one of your sanitizing requirements. 
Hurricane Sandy was a costly and tragic event.  Even as we approach the 1 year anniversary of this Superstorm, the recovery and rebuilding efforts are still in full swing.   

Throughout the past year CALLAHEAD has been a constant vision for New York on construction and contracting sites.  Their unmatched service and portable toilet and portable sink facilities on site for crews work hard to return these great communities to what they were before. 

Whether you are still working on post-Sandy cleanup, beginning a construction or hopefully have a special event to celebrate, remember CALLAHEAD for all your porta potty needs, long-term and short-term rentals in and around New York City’s five boroughs of Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and all of Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and all of Westchester.  1-800-634-2085