Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Want to Rent a Port a Potty where you can really see it’s clean?

A WHITE TOILET from CALLAHEAD is the Portable Toilet for you!

Portable Toilet Rentals in Queens, Long Island & westchester, New York

A WHITE TOILET from CALLAHEAD will have the most discriminating users of portable toilets feel at ease.  Why?  Because everyone knows you can’t hide dirt on something white!  CALLAHEAD is renowned for their impeccable cleaning service, using only hospital grade disinfectants at each cleaning, which is why they are able to offer a portable toilet for long term rental needs that proves it.  

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the need for long term outdoor portable toilets and portable restrooms has increased dramatically, especially in the severely affected areas of Breezy Point and the Rockaways in Queens, and neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Long Island. A WHITE TOILET not only provides these hard hit areas, such as Long Beach on Long Island, outdoor portable toilets; it provides confidence that the portable toilet is sanitary.   As people rebuild their homes and their lives, they shouldn’t have to question if the porta potty their using is clean.    With A WHITE TOILET portable toilet rental, you will know it’s clean. 

A WHITE TOILET has a very spacious interior, full sized toilet seat, non-splash urinal, convenience shelf, mirror, and lockable door.  This is a porta potty that can handle heavy bathroom use at the construction site too!  

Portable toilet "A White Toilet" rentals in New York, Queens, Long Island

It has an excellent ventilation system to eliminate odors, and the smooth surfaces won’t absorb odors.  It is an affordably priced portable toilet rental that looks expensive but isn’t.  You get a porta potty with function, style, service, and superior cleanliness in one low monthly rental price.  
CALLAHEAD delivers equipment the same day as ordered.  A  WHITE TOILET can be delivered when you need it to New York City’s 5 Boroughs of Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx, and all of Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island, and Westchester County.  Professional daily, weekly, or monthly service available to tailor any portable toilet or other portable sanitation rental need throughout New York


For more information on A WHITE TOILET portable toilet Queens rental or other CALLAHEAD portable sanitation equipment rental services including, portable sinks and hand sanitizing equipment, outdoor guard sheds, porcelain toilet systems for jobsite office trailers, mobile restroom trailers, portable storage sheds, and unique special event portable toilets for your short term or long term rental needs visit or by phone at 1-800-634-2085.  


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Econo Porcelain System for Office Trailers!

Shown above is CALLAHEAD's 'ECONO Porcelain Toilet System'
Many New York construction sites and job sites require office trailers, and most do not include a bathroom, since there may not be running water or sewer lines at the site yet, etc.  So you usually have to have a portable toilet set up somewhere nearby and leave your trailer every time you need to use the bathroom...

But what if you could have a system set up INSIDE the trailer that looked and operated exactly like a home toilet system, complete with a porcelain toilet?  Well, that's exactly what CALLAHEAD Corp. has done -- perfected the porcelain toilet system, while offering different levels of service and comfort!

No more having to put your winter jacket back on and go out to a cold porta potty outside!  This system works flawlessly rain or shine, summer or winter, without freeze ups.  Your bathroom will look and operate like it was part of the original design of your office trailer, with the comfort and convenience that you deserve!

So do yourself a favor and give CALLAHEAD a call about their Office Trailer Porcelain Systems.  Another innovative portable toilet system that is backed by CALLAHEAD's decades of experience on Long Island, as well as New York City and Westchester county, NY.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Portable Toilet with a blue, refreshing theme! "The Fountain Head"

Just one look at this porta potty, and you seem to feel refreshed!  Perfect for those hot summer days, this blue portable restroom has a water fountain on all four sides, thus its name: The Fountain Head.  You can see the entire page dedicated to it here: The Fountain Head Portable Toilet, by CALLAHEAD.

If I were a snob, the name would remind me of the Palace_of_Fontainebleau.   Since I'm not, I won't mention it -- Oops, I guess I already did. 

But really, this thing looks really elegant... who wouldn't want to have this art-inspired convenience at a gathering?  Just set it and forget it -- until you need to go, that is... and you'll feel like a millionaire every time you look at it (or use it)!

The best part?  You can't put a price tag on the convenience of offering your guests this kind of comfort in a portable toilet -- but the rental cost is very likely less than you think!

Who brings you this kind of innovation, and where can you find it? 

Well, the good folks at CALLAHEAD are the ones that come up with so many of these new designs and features.  And lucky you, they are located all over the Metro New York area.  That includes ALL of LONG ISLAND (Suffolk and Nassau counties), ALL of NEW YORK CITY (all five boroughs- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island,  and -- get this, even Westchester county is serviced by them!

So plan your parties, corporate gatherings, Bar-B-Q's, outdoor events, etc., and rent one of these  portable toilets -- you'll be happy that you did!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Portable Toilet Long Island

Everyone knows that you can find portable toilets for rent on Long Island. 

The question is, what kind of portable toilets are they?  Are they beat-up mangled porta potties that are covered with dried concrete? Or have they been steam-washed, pressure washed and virtually sterilized before you get them?

Also, you may not want a simple grey portable restroom for your needs.  You might want to be a little different...whether you are in Patchogue, or Shirley, or Port Jefferson, Long Island! 
If so, be sure to check out Callahead's portable toilet website -- they're the ones with the a wide variety of portable toilets for rent, and a selection of optional accessories, like outdoor sinks that have their own water supply and drain, antiseptic dispensers, etc.

The picture above shows some of the construction portable toilets, and the picture below shows some of their 'Special Event' temporary restrooms -- all delivered clean, sanitized, and are available for the same day delivery!  That's right -- even if you're all the way out in the Hamptons, Fire Island, or Montauk, Long Island!

So whether you need a portable toilet for a construction site on Long Island, or you're planning a special event, like a birthday, a corporate gathering, etc, just one call does it all -- why waste time searching through a handful of internet directories that go nowhere? 

Here is Callahead's phone number (800.634.2085), but really, just check out their website ( if you want the best portable toilet, with the best porta potty service available in Long Island!

CALLAHEAD - 414 West Sunrise Highway, Patchogue, New York 11772 • Tel: (631) 321-3874

Portable Sinks Below:

Long Island Portable Toilet Accessories

Monday, June 25, 2012

Portable Toilet History in America

It's quite common to see portable toilets nowadays, whether at construction sites, large gatherings, events, etc.  But did you know that portable toilets got their big start during the 1940's during World War II?  

It was during that time that the first crude portable toilets were used on a large scale basis at the Long Beach Shipyards in California.  At the time, (besides all of the other war efforts like war bonds, aircraft building, munitions, etc) there was a huge need to build and repair the naval vessels used in the war effort.  This involved many laborers, (including many women that joined the workforce for the first time -- up to 6 million nationwide -- which were collectively and affectionately called "Rosie the Riveter"), which had to travel quite a distance every time they needed to use the bathroom. 

Below is an aerial view of the Long Beach Shipyard, along with Reeves Field Naval Air Station and  Roosevelt Base in 1958:

Long Beach Shipyard 1958
Photo courtesy of "RustyBattleship" at

The area has undergone many transformations since World War II.  The next photo is another aerial view of the Long Beach Shipyards, from the opposite direction, taken in 1993:

Long Beach Shipyards, California; portable toilet

In order to save time, small wooden 'cabanas' were made, which used modified 55 gallon drums as a waste tank, and were placed on board the ships that were being worked on.  The waste tanks within these "portable toilets" would be emptied as needed, and the workers would save anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes for each trip they had to make to the restroom.  This may not seem like a lot of time, but when you multiply it times hundreds or thousands of collective trips each day, you can see how it was important!  The added bonus was that, while toilets were heavy compared to today's standards, they were easily moved; hence the term "portable".   So the toilet could be moved around, as the construction or repair on the ship progressed.

After the war, and with the return of the troops to the mainland, the housing boom started, and the portable toilets were found to be  perfect in the construction industry. Slowly, the design of the toilet changed; first to fiberglass walls, and then to plastic (polyethylene), which is still widely used today, because of its light weight, its imperviousness to water and the fact that it does not absorb odor.

In addition to the construction industry, the portable toilet is used extensively today for large gatherings and events, where standard toilets simply cannot handle a large amount of traffic. 

To see a vast array of portable toilets available to rent, check out the CALLAHEAD Corp. in New York -- you'll be amazed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An American Style Port A Potty Rental For Your Next Special Event

American Style Porta Potty on LONG ISLAND, NY.  Portable Toilet Rentals in NYC, & Westchester..

CALLAHEAD Corporation presents a new special event portable toilet that brings the USA colors of red, white and blue to your backyard party.  The CELEBRATION TOILET has all the amenities and accessories of a high end restaurant's bathroom. Yet its rental price is still affordable enough to rent anytime outdoor restrooms are needed.  

The portable toilet is decorated in red, white and blue and has the “CALLAHEAD USA” signage. My first thought when I looked at this port a potty was, “this is a great portable toilet to rent for any military, government, memorial, NYPD or FDNY event.”  Then it came to me, “this is a porta potty that any proud American would want for their birthday party, barbeque, charity event, wedding or just about any celebration you may have.

Its durable and attractive interior is immediately impressive.   Then when you get inside the portable restroom you are shocked to be more impressed.  A floral arrangement is the first thing I noticed because it was unexpected.  Next, I was thrilled of the very clean and fresh smell inside the portable toilet that came from an automatic time released air freshener.  Again, something that was unexpected.

The interior of the Celebration Toilet has all the amenities of a great catering hall.   It has a flushing toilet that is easily flushed by pressing down on a pump with your foot so you never have to touch a lever or handle.  A full hand washing sink is accompanied by an antibacterial soap dispenser and fully stocked paper towel dispenser. This is just the start of this full service outdoor bathroom that will provide every user hygienic protection.

I was even more elated to see toilet seat covers installed behind the port a potty’s toilet bowl.  Headliners are CALLAHEAD’s own toilet seat covers which they will provide 250 sheets to give every person the opportunity to have a clean, dry and sanitary toilet seat.   Especially appreciated by woman, this added bonus included makes the Celebration Toilet a must rent for my next party.

The Celebration Toilet has a mirror on its interior and the door locks on the inside for privacy.  Once you lock the door from the inside others waiting will see an occupancy sign.  Guests will be at ease knowing they are assured to have a private visit to the portable toilet.

After I used all the Celebration Toilet’s amenities and accessory items that are included in the rental price, I was sold.  This is the perfect outdoor portable toilet rental that your guests will be happy to use because it is not only easy to operate but has all the requirements for a very pleasant trip to the portable bathroom.

The Celebration Toilet should definitely be added to your next special event or celebration to give you peace of mind that you have provided the best restroom facilities for your family and friends.   The Celebration Toilet is rented throughout New York for short term rentals and special events.  For more information on the Celebration Toilet and other unique portable toilets by CALLAHEAD visit

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Need A Full Service Special Event Portable Toilet Rental That Is Elegant and Affordable?


CALLAHEAD Corporation has released a brand new special event outdoor portable toilet that has been in high demand from the moment it was introduced.  The CEREMONY TOILET is not only a stunning portable toilet that would add classic style to any event. It has every single amenity and accessory you would have in an upscale catering hall’s bathroom. The best part, it is completely affordable. 

The outside of the portable toilet is an elegant white color with the “CALLAHEAD New York” signage. The design and logo had me think, this is an expensive portable toilet with a high end name similar to “Louis Vuitton Paris.” You are instantly impressed.

The exterior of the CEREMONY TOILET portable toilet is only the beginning.  When you enter the portable restroom you are amazed of the pleasant fresh scent that is released from the automatic air freshener. Together with the sight of a beautiful floral arrangement, you immediately realize this is no ordinary portable toilet.

The CEREMONY TOILET not only looks and smells great, but has the feel of a bathroom at a classy restaurant.  The toilet bowl flushes by easily pushing the foot pump. The sink operates exactly the same way with plenty of room to wash from your hands to your elbows. So you basically never have to touch anything to operate the sink or the toilet bowl.  Fully stocked antibacterial soap dispenser and towel dispenser give you all the necessary amenities of a full bathroom.

CALLAHEAD installed many additional accessory items that are included with the cost of this one of a kind special event portable toilet.  In addition to their Headmist time released air freshener and floral arrangement, the CEREMONY TOILET has another perk. Installed above the toilet bowl are toilet seat covers which CALLAHEAD calls, Headliners.  Because the center flap of the toilet seat liner goes directly into the toilet bowl, when you flush, you won’t have to touch the toilet seat.  Headliner toilet seat covers are biodegradable too.

The CEREMONY TOILET’s spacious interior also has a large mirror and convenience shelves to place your belongings. The door locks from the inside. When locked, the exterior of the door will illuminate the occupancy sign for others waiting so you will have complete privacy.  This portable toilet is essentially an entire private bathroom for your party guests

 Upon completion of my full review of the operation and elegant style of the CEREMONY TOILET, I was expecting a hefty rental price. A price that I thought would make this a portable toilet rented only for weddings or other formal affairs. However, to my very pleasant surprise, I learned the CEREMONY TOILET is so affordably priced I would rent it for my next house party. 

 It is no wonder the CEREMONY TOILET has been in such high demand since CALLAHEAD released it to the public. The CEREMONY TOILET is rented throughout New York for short term rentals and special events. For more information on the CEREMONY TOILET and other unique portable toilets by CALLAHEAD visit