Friday, December 18, 2015

The Versailles, One Of CALLAHEAD's Most Luxurious Restroom Trailers

At night, New York City offers the best parties and special events. Many people and even celebrities attend elegant gatherings looking for a wonderful time. For these type of situations, restroom trailers could come in handy. The best restroom trailers can be found at CALLAHEAD CORP. One of their most exclusive trailers suited for these types of events is the Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer. You always want to leave a good impression on your guests and this trailer will do exactly that. CALLAHEAD continues to grow each and every day, which is why the Versailles is the perfect example of the company’s success.
The Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer
The Versailles interior has a French Louis XIV style. This restroom trailer has separate women and men’s bathroom. The women's bathroom has private spacious stalls and the men's restroom has two cozy bathroom stalls and four order less urinals. The restroom vanities contain double sinks and lighted mirrors. The floor is composed of faux maple wood. The hardware such as the door handles are made of antique brass. Maple shells are located in each stall and pretty skylights are equipped to the trailer. Other features include: thermostats, air conditioners and heaters. In order to provide guests with a more delightful experience, central sound systems are installed inside. For a more beautiful scenery, lovely artwork are displayed all around the trailer. The Versailles be either a short term or long term rental.
Trailer Interior

The Versailles is one of the most unique restroom trailers on the market. If you wish to rent the Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer, speak to an expert sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. For more information on this one of a kind trailer, visit the company's website at CALLAHEAD has a wide selection of restroom trailers suitable for your needs. They will continue to produce new trailers that are worth the investment.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

CALLAHEAD Restroom Trailers New York Introduces The SOHO!

Some of the best art galleries can be found in SOHO, New York. This neighborhood is all surrounded by fashionable crowds and stores. CALLAHEAD CORP generated restroom trailers in honor of this beautiful place. CALLAHEAD Restroom Trailers New York is a very prestigious company and they provide the best quality equipment as well as service. That’s why they decided to create the SOHO Luxury Restroom Trailer. The SOHO is the perfect trailer than can be used for weddings, celebrations, parties and other types of special events.
SOHO Luxury Restroom Trailer
The SOHO has many features that most restroom trailers lack. This trailer has separate men’s and women’s restrooms. The woman’s restroom has one private and roomy stall. On the other hand, the men’s restroom has one spacious stall and one odorless urinal. Inside the trailer you will find many attractive artworks. Other features include: a thermostat, controlled heat and air conditioner and a central music system. The floors are composed of a faux wide plank. The sink countertops are also faux marble. To ensure the safety of each guest, the steel handrails has a rubber grip and the trailer has external lighting. In order to keep the trailer sanitary, this trailer provides paper towels, tissues, s and soap dispensers.
Trailer Interior

The SOHO was created so people can have a pleasant experience. CALLAHEAD Restroom trailers New York always make sure that you are satisfied with your rental. Call CALLAHEAD today and speak to a sales specialist at 1-800-634-2085. For more information on the SOHO or if you wish to view more pictures, visit their website at All of CALLAHEAD’s trailers has the amenities suitable for the needs of all guests.

One Of CALLAHEAD's Most Impressive Portable Toilet Trailers, The Mobile Comfort Station

Many outside events in the New York area lack a proper restroom trailer. Guests want to be able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about the restroom situation. They deserve to have a a restroom that delivers lots of comfort. At CALLAHEAD CORP, they provide numerous portable toilet trailers that are ideal for these types of situations. The Mobile Comfort Station definitely comes to mind. The purpose of this trailer is to have everyone enjoy this rental and have them talking about it.
Mobile Comfort Station
This trailer has a very classy appearance that is sure to catch the attention of many. The outside of the trailer is a smooth grey and the inside is a pristine white. This restroom has been often compared to one you would find in an aircraft. It has a fully carpeted floor and provides the privacy that you need. Soap dispensers, paper towel holders and seat pad dispensers are all placed inside the trailer. The trailer’s toilet contains a vacuum flush technology in order to avoid any waste from overflowing. The sink has a self-closing faucet and above the sink, a lighted mirror is installed. No need to worry about dirtiness as the Mobile Comfort Station is one of the most sanitary trailers they have available.
Trailer Exterior

The Mobile Restroom Station makes you feel like you are right at home. The Mobile Comfort Station contains all the features you need for a memorable experience. All of the trailer’s equipment are fully functional and very durable. If you wish to rent this one of a kind trailer or other portable toilet trailers speak to a sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. For more information, visit the company's website at You can never go wrong with a CALLAHEAD rental.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Double Head Trailer, One of CALLAHEAD's Most Magnificent Bathroom Trailers

Nowadays full sized portable toilets are becoming a necessity throughout New York.  People want to be provided with great quality restrooms. At CALLAHEAD CORP, they develop the best caliber bathroom trailers. The one that has caught the attention of many is the Double Head Trailer. This trailer is well suited for jobsites or any special event. It’s very simple to set up, so you can take it to any location quickly and safely.
Double Head Trailer
With the Double Head Trailer, transporting port o potties to different locations have become a lot easier. Up to two portable toilets can be delivered at the same time. The Double Head Trailer would be a convenient rental because you can take your portable restroom anywhere. This provides coziness for all users. For safety purposes, the trailer has marker lights and reflectors. The trailer has durable tires for a smooth ride. Lockable anti-theft tongue is also equipped to the trailer. 

Bathroom trailer
Guests will find the Double Head Trailer to be very fitting. Renting this trailer would be the smart thing to do. Take advantage while this trailer is still available on the market. Tor rent this trailer or other bathroom trailers, speak to a sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. For more information or details on the double head Trailer, visit the company’s website at CALLAHEAD continues to make sure that all of their customers are satisfied with their rental. The Double Head Trailer is an example of how CALLAHEAD is #1 in the industry and how they continue to provide high quality bathroom trailers.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Mobilet, CALLAHEAD's Elite Mobile Restroom Trailer

At special events or outside jobs such as construction, people should have a proper restroom available. Renting a mobile restroom trailer would be very convenient and would provide versatility. Affordable and durable mobile restroom trailers can be found at CALLAHEAD CORP. One of their most elite mobile restrooms trailer is the Mobilet. If you wish to transport multiple port o potties, then the mobilet is the ideal solution. You can never go wrong with renting the Mobilet.  
The Mobilet Trailer

The Mobilet is one of the best looking trailers currently on the market. It is very easy to setup and can be delivered quickly.  The size of this trailer allows it to be very flexible. The trailer has many attractive features. The Mobilet include 2 porcelain toilets, one odorless urinal and two sinks with mirrors. In order to keep the trailer sanitary, 2 trash receptacles, 2 paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers are all equipped inside. For a more entertaining and pleasurable experience, the trailer contains a stereo sound system. Depending on the weather conditions, air conditioners and heaters are available. In order to insure safety, the trailer has wide steps and hand rails.

Mobile Restroom Trailer
CALLAHEAD provides the best quality service and equipment. Everything in this trailer is very functional and durable. If you wish to rent this one of a kind mobile restroom trailer, call 1-800-634-2085. For more pictures or information on the Mobilet, visit the company’s website at Renting the Mobilet would be a smart investment. You are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.