Friday, April 29, 2016

The Mobilet Mobile Restroom Trailer Is A Most Exciting, Yet Simple Bathroom Trailer

Mobile Restroom Trailer for Rent -The Mobilet
Mobile Restroom Trailer - The Mobilet
Just the other day I was in the Bronx, in Van Cortland Park and I noticed that there was a Mobilet mobile restroom trailer, not too far from a baseball game being played.  And of course, my curiosity got the best of me, so I wanted to see what it was like inside.  To my surprise, it had everything one needs inside a bathroom at a baseball game.  It had mirrors with light, running water, standard size urinal, flushing toilet, and most importantly, air conditioning.  So I decided to look for the person in charge and spoke with the coach.  He told me that renting a mobile restroom trailer from Callahead is as simple as 1-2-3, which helps win his game. 

The Mobilet Bathroom Sink with Mirror
The Mobilet Bathroom Sink with Mirror
What makes it so great, is that one can use this mobile restroom trailer anywhere, while being out playing a game; so you don't have to walk around looking for a bathroom.  I know from experience that looking for a bathroom can make you unhappy.  And let me tell you, I don't know about you but, I hate having to look for a bathroom.  So knowing that I'm in a park and I can just go to the rented Callahead restroom makes my day easier. 

The Mobilet Overhead Air Conditioner
The Mobilet Overhead Air Conditioner
You don't find too many bathrooms out there that look clean, and are in good condition, so to see a Callahead mobile restroom trailer, I know that I can put my tushy there and be safe.
Now of course, you know it's a mobile restroom trailer that can be placed in any location, for any length of time, and Callahead will come out to service it on a schedule. 

With Callahead they will provide you a service like no other.  You can feel confident that your tushy is in good hands.  So don't be shy and give Callahead a call.  It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.  You can easily check out their web site, speak with a representative, and get with your game on!

Call them at 800.634.2085, or visit their website:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Oxford, One of Callahead’s Restroom Trailers for Rent, is Timeless

The Oxford, one of Callahead’s restroom trailers for rent will take you back in time.  Where mahogany floors, cherry wood wainscot paneling, and granite countertops were de rigueur for those lavish events years gone by.  You too will fully appreciate the level of details and rich tradition that were put into creation of this innovative restroom trailer at your next soiree.

The Oxford Restroom Trailers for Rent
The Oxford Restroom Trailers for Rent
And now, with the weather changing in our favor, why be indoors? Why not enjoy your friends and family in an alfresco event?  Host it with Callahead’s Oxford restroom trailer, and your family and guests will enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of an extravagant restroom retreat.  Gee that's what I enjoy about the great outdoor living, with plenty of drinks, food and music.  Most important is that bathroom that accommodates more than one person at a time, and allows us girlfriends to chit chat while we freshen up.

The Oxford faux Mahogany Wood Floors
The Oxford faux Mahogany Wood Floors
I remember the last soiree I attended; let me tell you, it wasn't anything like this one, the bathroom felt like it was in the dark ages.  Unlike the Oxford bathroom trailer, which is light years ahead of other companies.  I have to say, Callahead knows how to provide everything in their restrooms, from the practical to the sophisticated. 

The Oxford Granite Countertops and Sinks
The Oxford Granite Countertops and Sinks
The Oxford restroom trailers for rent are available from one day, to a week, or more.  Have an event and show your guests how it should be.  Go with Callahead -- you will definitely stand out far from the rest. Check out Callahead’s web site ( to learn more about the Oxford restroom trailers for rent, as well as every other trailer that they have available.  Callahead provides something no one else has, and that is luxury with class and sophistication.  Now, that's incredible!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Manhattan is One of Callahead's Mobile Restroom Trailers That Reflects a Chic and Modern Day Metropolis.

When you look inside the Manhattan, you will be taken aback by its grand appearance.  Just like its namesake, The Manhattan shows class and sophistication.  From its rich, deep maple wood finish, to its faux beige and black granite walls. You have to touch the walls to realize that it's a faux finish, because it appears so realistic to the eye.  It's that incredible!  

The Manhattan Mobile Restroom Trailers
The Manhattan Mobile Restroom Trailers
With Callahead providing the best of best trailers in all of New York City, you know your guests are going to enjoy the comfort and luxury that The Manhattan offers.  So when you are looking for mobile restroom trailers to rent, one of your considerations should definitely be, “The Manhattan” from Callahead.  

As you walk inside The Manhattan you notice that so much detail went into creating this lavish restroom trailer.  From its floral arrangements that stand out against the beige and black granite faux walls, to the surround sound system, central heat and air conditioning, classic black porcelain fixtures, and more!

The Manhattan Mirror and Shelf Vanity
The Manhattan Mirror and Shelf Vanity
Callahead’s Mobile Restroom Trailers are one of a kind works of art, built to stand out from the rest.  Each Mobile Restroom Trailer is designed unique for all different occasions.  So when you’re looking to show your style, go with the best - and that's Callahead.

Black Porcelain Urinals with Privacy Dividers
Black Porcelain Urinals with Privacy Dividers
With Mother's Day approaching, why not cater an event that she will remember for the rest of her days?  She will appreciate having her friends, family, and maybe some neighbors to show off The Manhattan Restroom Trailer.  Your neighbors and family and friends will see that you cared enough to rent The Manhattan Mobile Restroom Trailer from Callahead.  So don't hesitate, and look up Callahead 's web site ( or call toll free (800.634.2085) to speak with a professional Callahead representative that will gladly help you give a gift to cherish! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Contractor's Restroom Trailer is equipped for your Job Site needs – Only from CALLAHEAD!

CALLAHEAD’s “Contractor's” restroom trailer is easily transported to any location within the five boroughs of New York City, anywhere on Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties), as well as Westchester county, NY.  The Contractor's restroom trailer is equipped to make your construction workers feel at home and know that they are being provided the best equipment, which includes this sturdily built bathroom trailer.

The Contractor's Restroom  Trailer
The Contractor's Restroom Trailer
The Contractor's restroom trailer is equipped with five private stalls for the men, with locking doors, and the women's side has two locking private stalls. To top it off, there are 4 urinals in the Men’s side, for a total of 11 stations! How great is that?  To know that your workers can go in and out without having to wait to use the bathroom, and to know that this restroom trailer is being maintained by the top Portable Toilet company in New York!

The Contractor's Multiple Guests Bathroom
When you see a CALLAHEAD restroom trailer at a work site, you know that project will be finished ahead of time because their workers have the ease of going to the bathroom at any given time, and not having to wait around.  And in New York City, you know there's a construction project everywhere.  When you see a CALLAHEAD portable toilet, you know that the workers have a smile on their faces, because they know that they are being given a quality restroom trailer rental.

Four Private Space Porcelain Urinals
So don't hesitate to call or check CALLAHEAD’s web page ( when you need service, they are located right here in Broad Channel, New York.  One of CALLAHEAD representatives will gladly help you make the right choice for your job and location.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Versailles, a CALLAHEAD Luxury Restroom Trailer that Transports You to Old World Opulence and Charm

Give your friends and important associates the feeling of being royally pampered with The Versailles Luxury restrooms that befittingly grace the finest of surroundings.

Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental
Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer
The Versailles Luxury restroom trailer, in grand French Louis XIV style, is old world grandeur that compliments any formal gatherings, such as weddings, receptions, or corporate events.  Designed to mimic the atmosphere of the Palace of Versailles in France, the d├ęcor and intricate details transports one to a time of royalty; from the custom framed artwork to the floor to ceiling mahogany doors in all the spacious and private bathroom stalls. 
Versailles Restroom Elegant Artwork
Versailles Elegant Artwork 
 As one can see, the outside lighting sets off a beautiful exterior leading into an elegant atmosphere designed to give your guests the ultimate restroom experience.  White and gold Calcutta marble vanity countertops with two white porcelain vessel sinks, Moen hot and cold running water faucets, white porcelain toilets and urinals using special filtration systems to ensure no odors; these are just some of the top of line features that this luxurious 11 station restroom trailer boasts. 

The women’s side has 5 private stalls with the men having 2 stalls and 4 porcelain urinals separated by privacy dividers. Temperature control is regulated by a dual thermostat heating and cooling system. Centrally located speaker system floats in the music of your choice. Full length mirrors, elegant details on fixtures such as brass door knobs, are complimented by tinted sky lights for natural lighting.

Versailles Restroom Trailer with Porcelain Vessel Sinks
Versailles Restroom Trailer Porcelain Vessel Sinks
Completely self-sufficient, and designed to accommodate hundreds of uses, with separate fresh water and waste water holding tanks. Professionally set up and operational within 30 minutes.
The Versailles restroom trailer and other luxury trailers can be seen at the CALLAHEAD website:  For expert customer guidance call 1(800) 634-2085.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Industrial, a Chic and Efficient CALLAHEAD Bathroom Trailer Rental

Think of a modern, comfortable and sanitary bathroom in the middle of a steaming power plant or industrial work complex… Now, think of how happier your employees will be with a bathroom trailer rental that someone else services.  Perfect for any industrial or construction site, The Industrial restroom trailer is a 10 station portable restroom that gives all the amenities of indoor bathroom facilities.

The Industrial Bathroom Trailer
The Industrial Bathroom Trailer Rental
The sparkling white steel exterior extends inside, to stainless steel sinks and faucets, with sturdy steel hardware on all private bathroom doors.  Armstrong wide faux wood planks are laminated and non-odor absorbing. Modern design mixed with the chicly neutral black with light textures gives this bathroom trailer rental a stylish, yet sanitized and comfortable feeling.  Armstrong wide faux wood planks are laminated and non-odor absorbing.  Cleaning services are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; customized to suit your company’s needs.

The Industrial Solid Locking Door for Privacy in the Industrial Bathroom Trailer Rental
Solid Locking Doors in the Industrial Bathroom Trailer Rental
Men and Women sections are clearly delineated and share the same features, with a few exceptions.  Women have 5 private bathroom stalls with arched, black lockable doors. The men have 4 waterless urinals and 2 private stalls. All toilet and urinal fixtures are porcelain, with hands free pedal flush for each toilet.
Fan forced heater in each restroom ensures warmth on the coldest of New York days, especially for those outside locations.  There are installed ceiling vents for extra ventilation.  A dual thermostat heating and air conditioning system makes The Industrial trailer a versatile choice for all weather conditions.

The Industrial Stainless Steel Sinks
Stainless Steel Sinks Throughout
Each bathroom trailer shares common features including:
·        Two vanity stainless steel sinks with lighted mirrors
·        Anti-bacterial soap dispensers and hand towels conveniently located
·        Trash receptacle built-in to vanity counter for easy cleanup, as well, one in each stall

The Industrial bathroom trailer rental meets all the expectations of a temporary solution for an age-old problem, and that is, nature’s call.  CALLAHEAD uses hospital grade disinfectants; adhering to strict OSHA regulations for disease control. A pioneer and leader in the portable sanitation industry. Founded in 1976, CALLAHEAD, is to date, New York’s largest provider of the highest quality sanitation practices in the industry.  Feel free to browse the website for all portable trailer options at or call and speak to one of the expert customer service personnel, always ready to serve at (800) 634-2085.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Neptune, Another Luxury Toilet Trailer from CALLAHEAD!

Do you have an event or workplace site in need of a portable and hygienic sanitation solution? 

THE NEPTUNE RESTROOM TRAILER is a CALLAHEAD rental toilet trailer that is versatile. It can be used, either on the construction site, or for a social gathering.

Toilet Trailer Neptune - by CALLAHEAD Portable Toilets in New York
Toilet Trailer Neptune - by CALLAHEAD Portable Toilets in New York

 New York is the hub bub of business, cultural and international tourism. Every day, we can see the blending of these worlds as they collide.  New York is a kaleidoscope of events taking place simultaneously. In this live stream of activity, a very basic human need can become a most uncomfortable experience.  It is here that CALLAHEAD, having specialized since 1976 in portable sanitation, represents a wide array of toilet trailers that can be transported right to your location. One such luxury restroom trailer is called THE NEPTUNE.

Porcelain Sink inside the Neptune Trailer
Porcelain Sink inside the Neptune Trailer

Clearly delineated signs separate the women’s and men’s restrooms. For the women, there are two private bathroom stalls with white, porcelain flush toilets that are pedal operated. For men, as well, there is one private stall and 3 porcelain, flush urinals separated by blue privacy walls; complete with a storage shelf above the urinals.

Toilet Trailer Neptune-Three Flushing Urinals
Three Flushing Urinals

Each are comprised of royal blue doors against white walls giving the impression of white walled houses along a Mediterranean blue coastline.  The faux wood Armstrong laminated floors that extend the length of the trailer and give it warmth and a homelike feel.

Toilet Trailer Neptune - Neptune Vanity for Women's Bathroom
Neptune Vanity for Women's Bathroom
The Neptune combines simple, clean and crisp colors with efficiency and the amenities of a luxury restroom toilet trailer.  It is temperature controlled with both heat and A/C as weather conditions necessitate. It easily hooks up to a generator or any reliable 110v power source.

 A leader in the portable sanitation industry since 1976, CALLAHEAD, has pioneered high quality equipment and exemplary cleaning services using hospital grade disinfectants that meet the strictest of OSHA standards and regulations. Come to our website for more detailed info on The Neptune restroom trailer. See all the portable trailers and related services that are offered. Feel free to email: or call toll free @(800) 634-2085.