Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Having Variety is Essential When Renting a Standard Portable Toilet!

Having options is vital in a free market society, no matter what goods or services you’re purchasing. 

Without variety, are you really in control of your purchase?    


CALLAHEAD doesn’t think so, which is why they supply the largest selection of porta potties at any budget.  They give consumers the opportunity to select the best portable toilet rental for their specific needs, budgets, and suite their specific taste.   You can even rent a portable toilet from CALLAHEAD that reflects your company’s character to give your jobsite charm while still being affordably priced. Now that’s giving the customer control! 


 Usually when you rent a standard port a potty for a construction site you receive whatever ordinary port a potty rental they have in stock.  However, when you rent a portable toilet from CALLAHEAD, you have the freedom to choose from largest assortment of portable toilet styles to put you in complete control of your porta potty rental.  It gives you, the consumer, the ability to select a portable toilet that reflects your company’s image.  

Portable Toilets Manhattan

CALLAHEAD has the most standard portable toilets that are anything but standard.  Their GREEN HEAD port a potty will present a garden theme at a new home construction site that actually blends in with the landscape rather than stand out. A portable toilet rental that neighbors will definitely appreciate.  If you prefer a more refreshing cool water look at your construction site, you may want to rent the BLUE HEAD port a potty. Its Royal Blue color and crisp water decorative signage gives off an energetic feel to any location.  The RED HEAD portable toilet rental is of an oriental d├ęcor. Its bright red color and circular specialty CALLAHEAD designed signage will have your port a potty stand out and get noticed at any jobsite.  If you prefer that pristine white look you may select to rent CALLAHEAD’s WHITE TOILET porta potty.  A WHITE TOILET exudes cleanliness, and since it is white, you will always know your portable toilet is clean!   

Variety in standard portable toilets doesn’t end at color and design, CALLAHEAD allows customers the ability to tailor their cleaning service according to their specific cleaning needs. 
Because CALLAHEAD’s signature stainless steel service trucks are rolling all through New York’s City’s Five Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn,  Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties and all of Westchester County 7 days a week, there is always service available.  You may choose more frequent cleaning services rather than rent additional portable toilets at the construction site because of heavy usage and limited space.  Whether you require cleanings 1 to 7 days a week, and even multiple cleanings per day, CALLAHEAD can design a particular cleaning service scheduled especially for your personal cleaning needs.  Either on-call extra services or scheduled additional services, CALLAHEAD can accommodate any service requirement.  

To maintain a free market, we must provide choices so consumers get the maximum value from any product or service. In the end, you get what you pay for and when you get a CALLAHEAD, you get the most out of every dollar spent.  Giving power to the consumer makes CALLAHEAD port a potty rentals the biggest bargain in the portable sanitation industry.   For more information on all of CALLAHEAD’s equipment and services please visit or call 800-634-2085.