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Portable Toilets for Pelham New York

Formal Portable Toilets for Pelham, New York

Whenever people are looking to accommodate a large number of people outdoors, one of their concerns is coming up with enough restroom facilities to fit the number of people in attendance. For those looking to host a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a graduation, or a variety of other formal events, they may also be wondering what options they have outside of the standard porta potty Pelham, NY. Many people associate portable toilets with construction sites or concerts, and concerned about restroom facilities for well-dressed, formal guests. Fortunately, CALLAHEAD offers the largest variety of formal portable toilets Pelham, New York that will amaze your guests.
Glen Island Castle, Pelham NY
Glen Island Castle, Pelham NY - photo credit: WalkingGeek

Special Designs for Porta Potties Pelham, New York

Those looking to upgrade from a standard porta potty Pelham, New York, these toilets from CALLAHEAD are the best portable restrooms available anywhere. They come in a variety of special color combinations, including one that looks like forest and blends into the outdoors called the TOILETREE, a ships dock called the SHIPS HEAD, and one that is decorated in a feminine wedding theme called LA FEMME TOILETTE. There is even one designed to look like a British telephone booth called the TELE TOILETTE! The hosts will appreciate the options to match the color and theme of the event and guests will not even realize they are using a portable toilet New York because once inside, they will feel like they are using your home’s restroom!

Ships Head Portable Toilet in Pelham New York
Ships Head Portable Toilet in Pelham New York
These toilets are also special because they go beyond the typical blue bowl. They actually offer everything one would find a restroom at a fine catering hall. There are flushable toilets as well as hand washing sinks, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, HEADLINER toilet seat covers, HEADMIST time released air freshener, mirror, and beautiful floral arrangements. These amenities will make the experience pleasant for every guest.


Restroom Trailers Pelham, NY

For event hosts in N.Y. who want to take portable restrooms to an even more luxurious scale, CALLAHEAD offers a variety of luxury restroom trailers in Pelham, New York. These restroom trailers offer a range of options, depending on the needs of the hosts and guests. Some of the VIP restroom trailers Pelham, New York are even finished with faux porcelain inside with ceramic and stainless steel. The units offer two or more private bathroom stalls just like you would see in a fine catering hall. CALLAHEAD has restroom trailers for your upscale event such as a wedding or more standard restroom trailers for Pelham, NY construction sites. 

Restroom Trailers New York
Restroom Trailers Pelham New York

Restroom Trailers can be delivered for long term construction sites where they may be needed for months or years, or for just that one day event such as a wedding or other formal event. These porta potty units can be used for events of just ten people to thousands of people and equipped with the most upscale ammenties that you require for luxury restroom facilities for your guests. 

The portable toilet and restroom trailer options go far beyond the portable toilets seen lining concert venues. The services and porta potty Pelham, New York options offered by CALLAHEAD are the best available. When planning an outdoor event for people, give
CALLAHEAD a call to take care of all your portable restroom needs Pelham, NY that guarantees to be the best portable toilets you ever used.

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