Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Commercial By CALLAHEAD, The Ideal Bathroom Trailer Rental For Construction Sites

Construction workers work long hours and often need multiple bathroom breaks. In most cases, they aren’t provided with a restroom. These workers are entitled to a proper bathroom trailer. One of a kind portable bathroom trailers can be found at CALLAHEAD CORP. One of their most elite trailers available for rent is the Commercial. The Commercial would be the ideal bathroom trailer rental for those working in construction job sites. This trailer is perfect for a short-term rental. Most work executives would rather choose this trailer because of its white-collar look. It has all the amenities necessary and all of its equipment are fully functional and long-lasting.

The Commercial

This trailer has an elegant bright white exterior. Separate men’s and women’s restroom are provided. The men’s restroom has up to four spacious bathroom stalls, meanwhile the women’s bathroom has up to five private stalls. The sink vanity area has a double sink and a mirror. Overhead air-conditioner is installed and the wall is equipped with heaters. One cool feature about this trailer is that the toilets have a pedal flush. For sanitary purposes, this trailer has paper towel dispenser and anti-bacterial soap. The restroom floors is consisted of a durable coin flooring to prevent any accidents. The Commercial is very special and CALLAHEAD makes sure that your rental goes according to plan. The Commercial trailer makes you feel like you’re right at home.

Trailer Interior

The Commercial would be a phenomenal bathroom trailer rental. Its features makes this trailer very attractive and one of the top bathroom trailers on the market. The Commercial can be rented at any time. Speak to one of the expert sales specialist at 1-800-634-2085. For more pictures or information on the Commercial, visit the company’s website at www.callahead.com. Be sure to check out CALLAHEAD’s wide variety of bathroom trailer. The Commercial trailer is guaranteed to satisfy all employees.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Supreme VIP Restroom Trailers Like The Newport 1600 Can Only Be Found At CALLAHEAD

Every time a party or a celebration takes place, as a host it’s always important to make sure that the guests are enjoying themselves and that they feel comfortable. One way to guarantee guests a wonderful time is by renting VIP restroom trailers. The ideal trailer for all types of celebrations would be the Newport 1600 by CALLAHEAD CORP. This trailer will leave a great impression for all of your guests due to all of its advanced equipment. This trailer is definitely worth the investment. CALLAHEAD makes sure that all of their customers receives the best quality service possible with each trailer rental.
Newport 1600

The Newport 1600 is one of the top trailers on the market. A mirror is provided in each sink vanity area. A stereo sound system is built inside the trailer so guests will have a more relaxed experience. The exterior of this trailer has a rich navy blue color. Meanwhile the walls inside are composed of foax marble and the floor has a wood finish. The men's bathroom has three spacious urinals, one private stall and two vanities. Meanwhile the women's bathroom has three stalls and two vanities. The Newport 1600 is one of the safest and cleanest trailers available. Paper towel dispensers and two soap are provided inside. Depending on the weather condition, this trailer also contains heat and air conditioner.

Trailer Interior
Great quality VIP restroom trailers are hard to find these days. The Newport 1600 has the necessary equipment to make your restroom experience, a pleasurable one. If you wish to rent the Newport1600 today, call a sales specialist at 1-800-634-2085. For more details on this fancy trailer, visit the company's website at www.callahead.com. You will be satisfied with everything this trailer has to offer.